Bachmann 2-6-0 Mogul


Bachmann Mogul and the circus train, as part of my, envision for the automation, sound etc. for my client’s layout, the tri-valley railroad, there is a section of the layout dedicated for electrical mechanical amusement park rides, and a siding for the circus train.  In the past, the train has been static, with a Bachmann Big-hauler sitting at the head of the train.

This is nice for a static display, unfortunately, however, the locomotive and rolling stock are lightweight, and the locomotive inexpensive, designed as a toy.

Part of my vision of the automation is to have the various points such as the circus area have a locomotive sitting there idling or be steamed up, and periodically pull onto the mainline, run the two loops, maybe pausing in the yard for a period of time, then eventually returning to its respective siding.

I advised against installing a DCC Decoder in the Bachmann Big Hauler, as decoder and installation cost more than the locomotive is worth, and that the locomotive would fall apart very shortly after some light use. The only way I would do that is to take the shell of the big hauler and put it on an Anniversary addition or paint it with the circus livery download (1)

The Anniversary is basically the same locomotive as the big hauler, only upgraded to spectrum model quality. this means it uses metal side rods and other parts.

it was decided against having me make a circus engine. So, back to fixing and installing a decoder into the Bachmann Spectrum 2-6-0 Mogul.

last year, during the clean up after the open house, I decided to test and run the various locomotives and found the Mogul lights would come on, but it didn’t move, you could hear the motor spinning. So I knew that there was something wrong with the gearbox.

I had read, that often times the main drive gear on the drive axle would split due to the way it was manufactured. so, in the process, I started installing the decoder, and disassembling and removing the gearbox to look at the gears, and sure enough, it was that gear that was split. IMG_5494

I ordered a new one from Bachmann.

When it finally arrived, I installed the new gear and put the locomotive mostly back together for testing, and to finish the decoder install.

img_52971.jpgYeah, the locomotive now moves and makes noise, ” Wait second, It Stopped, and then started again, What gives?”  after playing with it a little, again I took the gearbox out and tore it apart.

I found three different issues, one of the capacitors on the motors pc-board is bad, a couple of the bushings that support the gears are oblong, and cause the gears to bind. and then finally  the new drive shaft and gear is showing signs that it’s going to split too IMG_5555

So, at this point. a new gearbox & Motor assembly is being ordered, and a nice drive gear from Northwest Shortline is being ordered. once the gearbox comes in, the bushing will be checked and replaced if needed. I know some horologist that can help with the bushings.

here’s a nice article about the replacing the drive gears with an NWSL gear for the Bachmann 4-4-0 & 2-6-0

How to Replace the Main Axle Gear on the Bachmann Spectrum GScale 4-4-0
and 2-6-0 Mogul

I’ll add too, or write a complete build report, once I’m actually done.











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